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Super Suction Double Sucker Bottle Travel Cosmetics Bottling 83ml White Green Orange - intl

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  • Specification:
    Color: white translucent ,orange translucent , emerald translucent
    Size: 126 * 57mm
    Capacity: 83ML
    Material: food grade silicone
    Applicable: home, camping, travel, travel

    1. Medical grade liquid silicone: FDA compliant, No BPA / PVC and other harmful substances, safe and nontoxic.
    2. The wide mouth design: large caliber, filling convenient mini size and easy to carry.
    3. Multilayer leak: three leakproof lid, plus leakproof valve to ensure no liquid leakage.
    4. The detachable card neck: bottle caps and detachable design, easy to clean and reuse.
    5. The ultra-soft material: you can easily squeeze deformation.
    6. The suction cup design, easy to use: Can be adsorbed on glass, tiles, mirrors and other bathroom environment.

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